New Radiance announces new additions to existing anti-aging skincare line-up

This is a really exciting time for us! We are thrilled to be doing this and see the way people receive our products.. It's really been great.

New Radiance 2013 anti-aging skincare products have launched. The new products- Lychee Garden Cleansing Milk, Revitalizing Glo Bamboo Toner, White Grapefruit Restorative Serum and Zen Secrets Premium Facial Cleanser now complement and complete their existing line-up of Far East anti- aging products.

March 1 2013- the much anticipated reveal of four new products to the New Radiance anti-aging skincare line is announced today. Their current line-up is complemented by Lychee Garden Cleansing Milk, Revitalizing Glo Bamboo Toner, White Grapefruit Restorative Serum and Zen Secrets Premium Facial Cleanser.

New Radiance is a Canadian Skincare company that designs, manufactures and distributes premium spa skincare products made with wholesome organic and botanical ingredients rich in Vitamins and anti-oxidants. Started in 2009 in Mississauga, Ontario their introduction of only a few high quality and well priced products met with tremendous success. Their signature cream- Green Tea Glo Anti-oxidant cream has received much media fanfare with bloggers and beauty reviewers.

Reflecting the balance between modern technology and thousands of years old beauty secrets, they believe that some time honored ingredients do the job best. Products are suitable for most skin types and represent the latest practical advancements in dermatology, nanotechnology, while incorporating custom fundamental principles of ancestral skin healing such as aromatherapy, herbology and ayurvedic medicine. New Radiance is a fusion of new world science and traditional far east skincare reflected in their tagline “Discover the Skin Care Secrets of the Far EastTM”.

To celebrate the launch of these four products and a future pipeline of innovative and youthful anti-aging products New Radiance is running a contest to name a next product. This contest is available exclusively on facebook and runs until Jun 30 2013, or until a winning name is selected. " We have a significant social presence on Facebook, and a large number of our fans provide useful feedback and ideas we can use. We like the idea of rewarding our growing customer base for their input and are having a lot of fun interacting with them" says COO Bryce Lee. Overall the customer base is dominated by health and beauty conscious savvy women in the thirty-five plus category. "our customers are talking to us, and are tired of big box solutions, they want to know they are being heard- some of their ideas are very very good".

Earlier this year New Radiance began ramping up it's social presense by incorporating videos and testimonials around their products on their YouTube channel. By sharing how-to and best practices with their growing viewership, there is a growing understanding of what the New Radiance brand is about and what really differentiates their skincare products. Their growing online presense is only part of the story, they are growing their sales in select spa boutique shops that appreciate the New Radiance brand and who want to stand out from other spas offering standard fare. "It's a tough market. To win you have to offer your customers more and differently- that's not been an easy place for spa retailers these last few years. People are tired of the usual products- do you blame them?"

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About New Radiance

New Radiance is one of the most socially savvy new skincare companies on the market today with Twitter and Facebook followers in 87 countries and a growing customer base globally. The company is based in Mississauga, and sells it's Far East crafted anti-aging skincare products to an emerging base of socially savvy 35 plus women through select spa boutiques looking to differentiate their product offerings within Canada, the United States, as well as Globally. For more information visit: